Solar modules for mast mounting

The FLINsail can be hoisted in the mast slot instead of the sail. The modular solar system consists of two to six solar modules as required, which can be aligned synchronously with the sun.

Product variants

Due to the modular design, we adapt the FLINsail optimally to your individual energy consumption. Even with two solar modules, the FLINsail supplies the classic consumers of a 30-foot yacht with sufficient energy. In the maximum version with six solar modules, for example, an electric motor or an electric stove can be operated self-sufficiently.

2M-FLINsail light

Smallest version with 200W

2M-FLINsail tough

200W FLINsail, which can withstand even strong wind


Small system with sufficient power for the standard consumers on board


Solar solution for extensive energy needs on board


High performance that leaves hardly anything to be desired


Our most powerful FLINsail

No unthreading of the mainsail thanks to the FLIN mast sliders

The solar modules are clicked into the mast slot above the mainsail using the special FLIN mast sliders and can be hoisted like a sail. This means that the mainsail does not have to be unthreaded from the slot or the T-rail.

Efficiency through alignable solar modules

Due to the slide bearings used, it is possible to align the FLINsail with the guide lines optimally to the sun. This increases the efficiency of the system and guarantees sufficient energy yield even when the sun is low in the sky.

Everything fits properly and safely stowed in the FLINbag

Each FLINsail is delivered in the FLINbag. The stiffened and padded bag offers optimal protection when the FLINsail needs to be stored, for example, while sailing. It also helps when setting up the FLINsail: it is fixed to the main boom with the rubber straps. The FLINsail can now be set from the opened bag like a mainsail from a Lazy bag.

FLIN quality

We use multi-busbar technology in our solar modules, which offers a particularly high number of electrical contacts due to its design. This redundancy results in a significantly longer service life for the module due to the lower load on the individual conductors. In addition, the semi-flexible solar panels are extremely robust and resistant despite their low weight. The cables of the innovative FLIN solar systems are sheathed with Dyneema fibers. This offers optimum protection even under extreme conditions. To ensure a reliable power supply for your on-board electrical system, all components of FLIN products are manufactured with high precision in Europe.

Frequently asked questions

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During sailing, the FLINsail is stowed in the FLIN bag and stored in a suitable place, e.g. below deck. In calm conditions or at anchor, the FLINsail is set above the hauled-in mainsail.

No. The FLIN mast sliders can be inserted into the mast slot above the mainsail. If your mast is equipped with a T-rail, we supply matching mast sliders to be placed on top.

You can find more information about our mast sliders here.

The light version does not require stiffening with a frame. It is therefore slightly cheaper and also very light. If the FLINsail is also to be used in strong winds, we recommend the 2M FLINSail tough.

With the FLINsails from three modules, the upper and lower solar module is stiffened in each case.

The FLINsail can be stored in the FLINbag below deck or in a back box. The stiffened and padded FLINbag protects the solar panels during storage.

Yes, a charge controller and a matching connector to the FLINsail are required. You can find a suitable charge controller for your FLIN product here. We are happy to advise you and offer a charge controller and a connector for your FLINsail.

The FLINsail is a plug & play system. Therefore, in order to use the FLINsail, no design changes need to be made to the sailing yacht. If it is used, the cables can be laid flying through the companionway or a hatch. Alternatively, a fixed socket at the base of the mast can be used as a deck grommet.

Most mast profiles, which are designed for a furling mainsail, have a second mast groove in which the FLINsail can be placed.

You can find more information about our mast sliders here.