simple and efficient solar solutions

At FLIN we develop solar systems for use on sailing yachts.

The FLINsail enables you to generate solar energy

easily and also efficiently. 

Why the FLINsail?

With the FLINsail you are completely self-sufficient with green energy. Without any changes to your sailing yacht, you harness the sun and have enough energy to run an e-motor.


The FLINsail supplies you with your own electricity, both when you are anchored or in harbor with your sailing yacht and when there is a calm at high seas. Your batteries are already charged after a short usage due to the orientation of the modules to the sun and enable you complete independence from shore power.


For the FLINsail nothing has to be changed on your sailing yacht. Whenever you want and you do not sail with the mainsail, you load from sunrise to sunset. When sailing under wind, the modules can be easily stowed in the handy FLIN bag.


With the FLINsaill, our goal of sustainable energy generation is pursued. We want to use green energy that will enable long-distance e-mobility on the water.


Why do I need a FLINsail?

The FLINsail can be used to power an electric outboard and to keep the sailing yacht on its course with solar energy. In addition, the on-board power system of a sailing yacht can be supplied with sufficient energy to operate all electrical consumers at will even at anchor.

How is the FLINsail different from other solar solutions?

The solar modules in the FLINsail can be aligned at the optimum angle to the sun at any time of day. This allows the modules to deliver their maximum power at any time. During the day, a FLINsail delivers about 50% more energy than a deck-mounted solar panel.

What power does the FLINsail deliver?

The FLINsail is available in different sizes. The 6M-FLINsail delivers 600 W and charges a 12 V battery with up to 40 A on sunny days. To power a cooler, the small FLINsail version with two solar modules and a power of 200 W is sufficient.

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