Simple and efficient solar solutions

FLIN solar GmbH develops and sells solar modules and innovative solar systems for boats and yachts.

Become independent with solar energy.

The participation in the boot trade fair from 22.01. to 30.01.22 in Düsseldorf is supported with funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

FLIN delivers the optimal solution.

Are you looking for the right solar system for your boat? Whether you need a small solar module for trickle charging or a powerful solar system for large electrical consumers. FLIN has the solution tailored to your needs.


YouTube videos

Discover more about FLIN solar GmbH: FLIN's YouTube channel contains many exciting videos about our products, as well as customer interviews and test results of various Torqeedo electric motors.


FLIN quality

In contrast to classic busbar technology, our solar modules are manufactured using the latest G-Wire technology and have a very high number of electrical contacts. This makes the semi-flexible solar panels extremely robust and resistant at low weight. The cables of the innovative FLIN solar systems are sheathed with Dyneema fibres. This provides optimum protection even under extreme conditions. To ensure a reliable power supply for your on-board electrics, all components of the FLIN products are manufactured with high precision and in Europe. Learn more about our high-quality, durable and sustainable products.

Why the FLINsail?

With the FLINsail you are completely self-sufficient with green energy. Without any changes to your sailing yacht, you harness the sun and have enough energy to run an e-motor.



The FLINsail supplies you with your own electricity, both when you are anchored or in harbor with your sailing yacht and when there is a calm at high seas. Your batteries are already charged after a short usage due to the orientation of the modules to the sun and enable you complete independence from shore power.


For the FLINsail nothing has to be changed on your sailing yacht. Whenever you want and you do not sail with the mainsail, you load from sunrise to sunset. When sailing under wind, the modules can be easily stowed in the handy FLIN bag.


With the FLINsaill, our goal of sustainable energy generation is pursued. We want to use green energy that will enable long-distance e-mobility on the water.

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