Simple and Efficient Solar Solutions

At FLIN we develop solar systems for use on sailing yachts.

The FLINsail enables you to generate solar energy

easily and also efficiently. 


Calculate your individual energy efficiency advantages

Try out our FLINsail panel-configurator to determine your individual energy consumtion aboard. Then in only seven steps find out how many panels you need for your personal FLINsail.

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The FLINsail – 
We like it simple.

The FLINsail is a modular solar power station, that can be set in the mast slot instead of a main sail. Due to our patented FLIN mast sliders the FLINsail can be mounted very easily above the main sail. Once attached and set in the mast the FLINsail can be aligned in the ideal angle to the sun by tilting the pivot-mounted modules. Each individual panel can be aligned and tilted simultaniously as a group as they are linked by highly durable Dyneema-braidings. That way the FLINsail can be handled very easily. Due to its modular construction the FLINsail can be made of a minimum of two and up to ten panels depending on your individual energy demand.

The features of the FLINsail enable you to generate solar energy on your sailing yacht as efficient as never before.

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The perfect angle – 
Highest efficiency 

A solar panel generates power most efficiently when aligned perpendicularly to the sun. Therefore, the FLINsail can be tilted all at once to be aligned perpendicular to the sun in order to harvest the maximum amount of solar power. This allows you to maintain a constant and highly efficient charge current regardless of the time of the day. With the ability to tilt the panels even at dusk or sunset, the FLINsail generates maximum performance. When perfectly aligned with the sun, the charging current of the FLINsail exceeds even the usual onshore grid plug in chargers.

Try out the simulation to the right in order to find out just how much of an impact the alignment angle of the panels have on the power generated of a 100 W solarpanel. The semicircle symbolizes the sky, while the line inside the semicircle represents the panel.

Move the panel via drag-and-drop or just click on the alingment-angles and see for yourself how tilting the panel changes the generated power.



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Custome made for your

Due to the modular composition of the FLINsail we can manufacture your individual FLINsail based on your personal energy consumption. A two-panel FLINsail already provides sufficient power for a 30ft sailing yacht for the entire boat grid.

The largest version of the FLINsail comes with ten modules and can increase the range of a sailing yacht with an electrical engine significantly during a calm.


Flexible yet independent

The FLINsail generates sufficient power while your sailing yacht can lie at anchor at the port or a bay. The patented FLIN mast slider enables you to mount the FLINsail in the mast slot above the main sail. Then it can be easily set by using the main halyard. Once your batteries are recharched you can store the FLINsail space-savingly in one of our handy carrying bag.


Energy Autarcy

Long-distance e-mobility 
on the water

Clean renewable power 

Durable materials 



Assembly in less than 
5 minutes time

Easy carriage of the FLINsail
due to custom carriage bag


The FLINsail project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program.