Simple efficient solar solutions

FLIN solar GmbH develops and distributes solar modules and innovative solar systems for boats and yachts. Become independent through solar energy.

FLIN provides the optimal solution.

Are you looking for the right solar system for your boat? Whether you need a small solar panel for maintaining charge or a powerful solar system for large electrical loads - FLIN has the solution tailored for you.


The FLINrail+ can be easily hooked into the railing and tilted depending on the position of the sun.


If required, the FLINsail can be pulled into the mast instead of the mainsail and aligned to the sun.


The FLINkite+ is hoisted on any halyard and can be oriented towards the sun.


The FLINpole+ is a solar panel that is mounted on the pushpit by means of an aluminum rod. It can be oriented in all directions.


Our FLINstripes are attached to the tree tarpaulin using Velcro strips.


The FLINflex series offers solar modules of any size with different mounting systems.


FLINfix is a solar module for fixed mounting on deck. It is attached by means of an adhesive film on the back.

Why do systems from FLIN deliver such good yields?

Decisive for the performance of a solar module is its alignment at the perfect angle. For maximum energy gain from solar radiation, the solar modules in the FLIN systems can be aligned to the sun. This enables maximum solar energy gain even in the evening hours when the sun is low in the sky.


Discover more about FLIN solar GmbH: FLIN's YouTube channel contains many exciting videos about our products as well as customer interviews and test results of various Torqeedo electric motors.

FLIN for maritime e-mobility

We want to make existing energy usable. Our goal is to generate solar energy simply and highly efficiently on the water. In this way, we would like to contribute to advancing maritime e-mobility.
In addition to reliable functionality, we place great emphasis on user-friendliness and sleek design.

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