Solar panel for the railing

The FLINrail+ can be hooked into the railing by means of clamps. Whether during sailing or anchoring, the bifacial and alignable solar module from FLIN provides the necessary solar energy.

Five star rating from the Yacht

"The Flinrail solar panel is easy to install and boasts a number of innovations; thanks to a transparent back, it also works with stray light"
(Yacht | 19.10.22)

The FLINrail+

The FLINrail+ is the perfect solar solution for retrofitting. The system can be easily hooked into the railing wire of your yacht with the integrated clamps. Additional lines fix the module by means of snap hooks and allow a stepless alignment to the sun. In case of a higher demand for solar energy, several FLINrail+ can also be combined.

Very easy alignment to the sun

Decisive for the performance of a solar module is its alignment at the perfect angle: A line runs out of each corner of the FLINrail+ and disappears into the frame of the solar module. The loose ends are hooked into the foot railing or the lower railing wire using the carabiners. When the FLINrail+ is aligned, the loose lines pull themselves into the frame of the module and tighten. With the help of the four clamps in the corners, the FLINrail+ can be fixed at any angle.


Significantly more energy gain through bifacial solar modules

The bifacial solar module uses the front and back to collect solar energy, so when mounted vertically, it delivers similar daily yields as two classic solar modules of the same size. It can also be set at any angle to be highly efficient even when the sun is high in the sky.

FLIN quality

We use multi-busbar technology in our solar modules, which offers a particularly high number of electrical contacts due to its design. This redundancy results in a significantly longer service life for the module due to the lower load on the individual conductors. In addition, the semi-flexible solar panels are extremely robust and resistant despite their low weight. The cables of the innovative FLIN solar systems are sheathed with Dyneema fibers. This offers optimum protection even under extreme conditions. To ensure a reliable power supply for your on-board electrical system, all components of FLIN products are manufactured with high precision in Europe.

Frequently asked questions

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The FLINrail+ is very robust despite its lightness. It can therefore be used even while sailing.

It is possible to combine several FLINrail+. For example, one FLINrail+ can be hooked into the railing on the starboard side and one on the port side. For more information, see our FLINrail+ wiring example.

Yes, a charge controller and a suitable connector to the FLINrail+ are required. If you have a suitable charge controller and interface, you can connect your FLINrail+. You can find a suitable charge controller for your FLIN product here.

We are happy to advise you and offer a charge controller and connector for your FLINrail+.

The FLINrail+ is a plug & play system. Therefore, in order to use the FLINrail+, no design changes need to be made to the sailing yacht. If it is used, the cables can be laid flying through the companionway or a hatch. Alternatively, a fixed socket can be used as a deck bushing.