FLINflex - Solar modules for flexible use

The FLINflex series offers the passionate sailor an effective and simple application of solar systems on board. Thanks to the flexible mounting systems, the optimal place for the solar modules can be found on every yacht. No matter whether you mount your solar module permanently or use it on demand, the FLINflex series offers the optimal solution.

We would be happy to make you an offer for your individual complete solution, from the solar module to the charge controller to the battery. Contact us and receive competent advice.

Select the appropriate size of solar panel.

In addition to our standard sizes of 50W and 100W, you also have the option of having a solar panel customised by us. Depending on your energy needs, you can combine as many solar panels from the FLINflex series as you like. Determine your energy requirements with the FLIN configurator and tell us where you would like to mount the panels. You will receive your individual offer in just a few days.

50W Panel

100W Panel

Custom Panel

Find the optimal fastening system.

We have designed many different, innovative mounting systems to make it possible to use solar energy at almost any point on the boat.



The FLINflex-standard is a solar module of your chosen size and cable length without any further fastening options. For example, it can be screwed to the deck via the approx. 25mm wide edge or used flying.



The FLINflex-snap is preferably used on fabric surfaces such as sprayhoods or bimini tops. Our flexible solar modules can be bent and can easily adapt to special shapes. Depending on the application, the solar module can be mounted and dismounted within seconds using the LOXX quick connectors.



Eyelets attached to the solar panel allow for universal application on board. The FLINflex-eyelets can be placed in different positions depending on the situation and the position of the sun, thus enabling efficient and flexible feeding of the on-board electronics.



The FLINflex-tex can be attached to your sprayhood or other textiles using Velcro. Have your trusted sailmaker sew the supplied Velcro tabs onto the desired surface. The Velcro tabs ensure a firm and secure hold for permanent installation in all weathers.

FLINflex-glue/ FLINfix


The FLINflex-glue is equipped with a seawater-resistant adhesive foil. This enables easy and quick mounting on any smooth surface. The walkable and super-light solar modules are suitable for a permanent trickle charge of the on-board batteries and make a shore power cable superfluous.



Thanks to the magnetic foil on the back of the solar panel, the FLINflex-magnetic finds a hold on any metal surface: for example, it can be fixed to the car door or the roof when camping, depending on the position of the sun. For an independent power supply, the surfaces of a container can be equipped if necessary without permanently mounting the panels.

Cable variants

The connection cables of the solar modules are equipped with seawater-proof MC4 plugs and have a standard length of 1m. You can choose between different cable variants. We can also supply customised cable lengths on request.

Dyneema soft cable

The Dyneema soft cable is a silicone cable sheathed with Dyneema and scores with its great robustness and flexibility. The high-quality, extremely flexible cable is particularly tear and cut resistant, is easy to lay and offers a high level of durability.

Standard solar cable

The standard solar cable has double insulation and is therefore very robust. The inexpensive cable is often used in the solar industry. It is very stiff and not so easy to lay, but like the Dyneema soft cable, it offers a high level of durability.

Philippi MC4 adapter cable

The Philippi MC4 adapter cable leads the MC4 connectors of the solar modules to the round connector of the 692 series from Philippi. This offers the possibility for an elegant and waterproof deck feed-through. The adapter cable is available in different lengths.

FLIN bags

Our FLIN bags are ideal for storing your FLINflex series solar modules safely and in a space-saving way. The bags, which are manufactured in Europe, are equipped with a circumferential zip for easy handling and have padding to protect the solar modules. The bag is available in two different sizes: The FLINbag little is suitable for the small solar panels with an output of 50W. The large version of the FLINbag can hold the 100W panels. In total, both bags can hold up to six solar panels each.

FLINbag small

FLINbag big

Prices and more pictures of FLINflex product applications can be found in our online shop. If you would like a quote for a FLINflex custom panel, please send us a drawing of the available space by email.

Any number of FLINflex solar modules can be combined. In the FLIN download area you will find a data sheet and an example circuit diagram.

Which charge controller for which solar module? You will find an overview table in the download area. Here you can find out which charge controller is suitable for your on-board network and the corresponding FLINflex.


Do you have any questions about FLINflex products? Contact us by mail, call us or write to us on WhatsApp and receive free and competent advice.