Flexible solar modules on board

The FLINflex enables maximum flexibility: flexible solar modules and sizes, flexible mounting systems, and flexible cable variants. It is the customized solution for on-board energy generation.

Custom fit panel sizes

In addition to our standard sizes of 50W and 100W, you also have the option to have us manufacture a solar panel customized for you. Depending on your energy needs, you can combine as many FLINflex series solar panels as you like.

Determine your energy demand with the FLIN configurator and tell us where you want to mount the panels. In a few days you will receive your individual offer.

FLINflex 50W

Flexible solar module with 50W power

FLINflex 100W

Flexible solar module with 100W power

FLINflex custom

Flexible solar module individually adapted to your needs

The FLINflex

The FLINflex offers the possibility to use surfaces like on the biminitop or the sprayhood to gain solar energy. Due to the flexible mounting systems, the optimal place for the solar modules can be found on every yacht. Regardless of whether you mount your solar module permanently or use it on demand, the FLINflex series offers the optimal solution.

Mounting systems

We have designed many different, innovative mounting systems to make the use of solar energy easy.

FLINflex standard

Without mounting option, for example for screwing

FLINflex snap

With LOXX quick connectors, for use on fabric surfaces

FLINflex eyelet

With eyelets, for flexible use

FLINflex tex

With Velcro, for application on fabric surfaces

FLINflex magnetic

With magnetic foil on the back, for application on metal surfaces

Cable variants

The two selectable cable variants for the solar modules are equipped with seawater-proof MC4 connectors and have a standard length of 1m. Individual cable lengths are also possible on request.

Dyneema soft cable

Robust and flexible

Solar standard cable

Robust and inexpensive

The FLINflex as a bifacial solar module

The solar modules of the FLINflex series are also available as a bifacial variant. For example, when a FLINflex eyelet is mounted vertically in the sea railing, the front and back sides are used to generate energy.

Our FLINrail+ is also suitable for the flexible application of a bifacial solar module.

Safe storage in the FLINbag

Up to six solar panels can be stored in the handy FLINbag. The bag is available in two sizes, suitable for our 100W or our 50W standard panel.

FLIN quality

We use multi-busbar technology in our solar modules, which offers a particularly high number of electrical contacts due to its design. This redundancy results in a significantly longer service life for the module due to the lower load on the individual conductors. In addition, the semi-flexible solar panels are extremely robust and resistant despite their low weight. To ensure a reliable power supply for your on-board electrical system, all components of FLIN products are manufactured with high precision in Europe.

Frequently asked questions

Is your question not listed? Feel free to call us, send a WhatsApp message or an email.

Due to its versatile configuration options, the FLINflex is not limited in its application to the maritime sector. For example, the FLINflex magnetic can be mounted on a car roof or car door depending on the position of the sun.

Yes, a charge controller and a suitable connector to the FLINflex are required. If you have a suitable charge controller and interface, you can connect your FLINflex. You can find suitable charge controllers for your FLIN product here.

We are happy to advise you and offer a charge controller and a connector for your FLINflex.

The FLINflex is a plug&play system. Therefore, in order to use the FLINflex, no constructive changes have to be made to the sailing yacht (except for the FLINflex snap and, if applicable, the FLINflex tex). If it is used, the cables can be laid flying through the companionway or a hatch. Alternatively, a fixed socket can be used as a deck bushing.