That's why you should definitely buy FLIN products!

The choice of solar systems is difficult. Which solar modules should one buy with such a versatile offer? There are a few crucial points that you should definitely pay attention to!


1. Never buy cheap modules!

There are many suppliers on the Internet who offer cheap solar modules. This seems attractive at first, but our electroluminescence images show that you are buying at least twice if you opt for the cheap modules.

Here you can see an electroluminescence image of two modules after one year of use. The left module is one we use for our products. You can see that all cells are intact. On the right you can see a no-name module where almost all cells are destroyed after one year. FLIN focuses on quality that is noticeable in the end!


2. We rely on products made in Europe and own production!

Of course it is cheaper to have goods like bags sewn in Asia. But because of the long transport routes, the mostly unfair working conditions there and the inferior quality of the products, we have decided to manufacture everything in Europe or in our own workshop. Our FLINbag and our solar modules come from Europe. Our junction boxes, the mast sliders* etc. are milled and assembled in our workshop. The systems are also manufactured by us.

*We have developed the mast sliders ourselves so that they are easy to click into the mast system.


3. That's why our modules are better than others!

Our partner companies focus on high quality work. Our solar module manufacturer, Verditek PLC, is based in Italy and uses a new technology when laminating. This makes the modules very robust and therefore perfect for use on sailboats.

We also offer bifacial solar modules that generate power from both sides - these are used in our FLIN+ products. Other solar module manufacturers now also offer these. But since the modules are almost exclusively fixed to a surface, the bifacial panels lose their function. Because the solar modules can be aligned in almost every of our products, the bifacial modules provide up to 10% more power than conventional modules. All products where we use bifacial modules are marked with a "+" in the name.

4. Our systems are up to 50% more efficient than fixed-mounted solar modules!

The FLINsystems convince with their alignability. Our FLINsail and FLINrail+ are tiltable on one axis, so you can set it at the perfect angle to the sun. Tests show that the FLINsail is up to 50% more effective in an aligned position than in a horizontal position, comparable to plane-mounted solar panels. Our FLINkite+ and FLINpole+ can even be aligned on two axes. This means that here you can adjust the panels not only to the position of the sun, but also to the direction in which the sun is moving. We also have new products: FLINrail+ and FLINpole+. Both of them are already known in a similar way from other suppliers. FLINrail+ is hooked into the railing, FLINpole+ is attached to a frame at the back of the pushpit. The difference again: Both FLINrail+ and FLINpole+ can be aligned to the sun. With these products we also use bifacial modules, again the reflection of the water brings an enormous benefit. This is what makes our FLIN+ products so special!

5. We know how much our modules perform!

We often hear that customers have been mounting their modules on their boat for ten years and don't even notice that their cells are producing virtually no power. Our Victron Energy charge controllers used an app to indicate the angle at which they should align the modules for optimal power generation. So you can additionally see what the perfect angle is that the modules should be aligned at. And it's an easy way to notice when a panel is out of alignment!

In the photo you can see the app where the charging current is displayed.

6. We value the fact that you are satisfied!

If you have any suggestions, feedback or problems, please feel free to contact us.