Solar panel for the pushpit on boats and yachts

The FLINpole+ is designed to be mounted on the pushpit or an equipment rack. Due to the alignability and the bifacial solar module, the FLINpole+ is very efficient.

Lightweight and stable system

With a weight of only two kilograms, the FLINpole+ is very light and is therefore also suitable for use on regatta yachts. Thanks to the lightweight and very rigid construction, the FLINpole+ is very stable in the wind and can remain permanently mounted. It is therefore ideal for maintaining battery charge on board.

The FLINpole+

The FLINpole+ can be attached to the pushpit or to an equipment carrier via the pre-mounted clamps. With the help of the lines and the integrated clamp, the solar panel can be aligned as desired and continuously, making it particularly efficient. In addition, the back of the bifacial solar panel captures light reflected from the water and deck.

Alignable solar panel for tailgate mounting

The performance of a solar module depends on its alignment at the perfect angle. For maximum energy generation from solar radiation, the solar module in the FLINpole+ can be aligned at the perfect angle to the sun. This allows considerable daily yields to be achieved even with the small solar surface.

Capture reflected sunlight

The FLINpole+ uses a bifacial solar panel that harvests energy equally from both sides. The back of the solar panel captures the light reflected from the water or deck, generating up to 20% more energy compared to conventional solar panels of the same size.

FLIN quality

We use multi-busbar technology in our solar modules, which offers a particularly high number of electrical contacts due to its design. This redundancy results in a significantly longer service life for the module due to the lower load on the individual conductors. In addition, the semi-flexible solar panels are extremely robust and resistant despite their low weight. The cables of the innovative FLIN solar systems are sheathed with Dyneema fibers. This offers optimum protection even under extreme conditions. To ensure a reliable power supply for your on-board electrical system, all components of FLIN products are manufactured with high precision in Europe.

Frequently asked questions

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Thanks to the lightweight and very rigid construction, the FLINpole+ is very stable in wind and can remain permanently mounted.

Yes, a charge controller and a suitable connector to the FLINpole+ are required. If you have a suitable charge controller and interface, you can connect your FLINpole+. You can find a suitable charge controller for your FLIN product here.

We are happy to advise you and offer a charge controller and connector for your FLINpole+.

The FLINpole+ is a plug & play system. Therefore, no design changes need to be made to the sailing yacht in order to use the FLINpole+. The cables can be routed watertight below deck using any deck grommet.