The functional mast slider

With the help of the FLIN mast sliders, the FLINsail can be used quickly and flexibly at any time. The specially developed mast sliders simply click into the mast slot above the mainsail or onto the T-rail, and the FLINsail can be hoisted over the mainsail halyard like a sail.

Inserting the FLIN mast slider

The FLIN mast sliders can be easily clicked into the mast slot: This allows the FLINsail to be set up without unthreading the mainsail from the mast slot. The mast sliders can be inserted into the mast slot above the mainsail.

1. Open mast slider

The mast slider is provided with a loop for insertion into the slot. If this is pulled, the mast slider tapers.

2. Insert mast slider

While the loop is held under tension, the mast slider can be easily inserted into the mast slot.

3. Mast slider closes

When the loop is left loose again, the mast slider forms a thickening by spring force and finds a hold in the mast slot.

Mast sliders for all systems

We offer our functional FLIN mast sliders for all common mast slots and T-rails. The mast sliders for the T-rails can be easily placed on the T-rail above the mainsail, just as with the mast slot.

Width slot

Our FLIN mast sliders are compatible with all common mast slots. No matter whether your mast profile is from Selden or another manufacturer, the FLIN mast sliders can be inserted into any mast slot. Only the slot width is decisive for the selection of the suitable mast slider.

Narrow slot

Even if your mast has a narrow slot in which the mainsail is directly guided, we offer the matching mast slider with it. Simply measure the width of the slot to select the appropriate mast slider.


We also supply mast sliders that can be mounted on a T-rail. We support all common systems from Harken, Ronstan and Facnor. Just tell us the width of your T-rail and we will fit your FLINsail with the appropriate system.

Measure mast system

Which mast system do you use?

The FLIN mast sliders can be inserted into the mast slot above the mainsail or placed on the T-rail. This means that the mainsail does not have to be unthreaded in order to place the FLINsail above the furled mainsail.

Select the appropriate FLIN mast slider for your mast system in the order form. To do so, measure the width of your mast groove or T-rail as shown on the right.

Mast slot

Measure the width X of the mast slot as shown in the drawing.


Measure the width X of the T-rail as shown in the drawing.