FLINfix - Solar modules for fixed mounting on deck

FLINfix - Solar module with adhesive foil
FLINfix is a solar module that is firmly attached to the deck by means of an adhesive film on the back. Due to the filament technology used in our modules, the solar panels are particularly robust and durable - optimal for walkable solar solutions. It is possible to choose between a 50W and a 100W module. Upon request, we also offer custom panels that are individually tailored to your boat.
Also, choose between our different cable options: Depending on your needs, you can get FLINfix with cable on the front or on the back.
We would be happy to make you an offer for your individual complete solution from the solar module to the charge controller and the battery. Contact us and receive competent advice.

Easy to apply with the help of the adhesive foil on the back side

We deliver FLINfix with an already applied adhesive foil. Simply peel it off and stick the module on. To make the product durable, seal the edge with a Sika seam so that no water runs under your module in the long term. FLINfix is then ready for use.

50W Panel

100W Panel

Custom Panel

Cable on the front

If you do not want to drill through the deck, simply choose FLINfix with the junction box on the top. Depending on your needs, we offer this solution with standard or soft cable. 

Cable on the back

For a clean deck pass through, we can mount the junction box on the back so that the module can be mounted flat on deck.

Contact us

Do you have questions about the design of FLINfix panels? Contact us by mail, call us or write us on WhatsApp and get a free and competent advice.