Solar module with adhesive foil

The FLINfix can be mounted on deck by means of adhesive foil. Different variants are selectable, which are all walkable and thus do not restrict the space on the ship.

Exact fit firmly mounted

In addition to our standard sizes of 50W and 100W, you also have the option to have us manufacture a solar panel customized for you. Depending on your energy needs, you can combine as many FLINfix series solar panels as you like.

Determine your energy needs with the FLIN configurator and tell us where you want to mount the panels. In a few days you will receive your individual offer.

FLINfix 50W

Small solar module for deck mounting

FLINfix 100W

100W solar module for deck mounting

FLINfix custom

Customized solar module for deck mounting

The FLINfix

The FLINfix is designed for permanent mounting on deck. An adhesive foil is attached to the back of the module, which is weather-resistant and has a high adhesive strength. An additional sealing with a Sika seam guarantees the durability of the FLINfix. It prevents water from running under the module. Due to the filament technology used in our modules, the solar panels are particularly robust and durable - optimal for walkable solar solutions.

Junction box and cable routing

We offer the FLINfix series with two different cable guides. A solar panel from the FLINfix series is available without a visible junction box with a cable routing on the back. This simple design fits perfectly into the deck surface. The classic design with a junction box on the solar panel is also available. The cables can then be routed through a classic deck grommet.

Cable on the front

Solution without drilling

Cable on the back

Solution with clean deck feed through

FLIN quality

We use multi-busbar technology in our solar modules, which offers a particularly high number of electrical contacts due to its design. This redundancy results in a significantly longer service life for the module due to the lower load on the individual conductors. In addition, the semi-flexible solar panels are extremely robust and resistant despite their low weight. To ensure a reliable power supply for your on-board electrical system, all components of FLIN products are manufactured with high precision in Europe.

Frequently asked questions

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Yes, the FLINfix is walkable and therefore does not restrict deck space. Filament technology is used in our solar panels. This makes the modules particularly robust and durable.

Yes, a charge controller and a suitable connector to the FLINfix are required. If you have a suitable charge controller and interface, you can connect your FLINfix. You can find suitable charge controllers for your FLIN product here.

We are happy to advise you and offer a charge controller and a connector for your FLINfix.