Experience report

Washing on the Balena is done with solar energy

As "liveaboards" on a sailing ship, we sail a lot, of course. Currently just through the Norwegian fjords. But every Friday is "boat cleaning day" for us. Today it was once again the turn of the laundry. We have a 3kg wall washing machine from Asia, which is intended for small one-room apartments, but is used a lot on sailing boats and campers. We are very satisfied with the machine, it washes quietly and requires little electricity and water. For a 60° wash cycle it needs 520 Wh as well as about 20 liters of water. Today is a sunny day, ideal for drying clothes. We are well anchored on a skerry. At noon we put up the solar sail from FLIN to generate the electricity for washing. Now we have washed two drums, and also cooked pasta - but already at 4 pm we have more power in the batteries than at noon.

So thanks to the FLINsail we are really independent, and can live wherever we want.