Experience report

Mina travels electrically from Marstal to Kiel

Going sailing in the summer in the northern climes doesn't always mean good weather. But we remember the perfect summer in 2019 with lots of sun, little wind and visibility into the water that reached up to eight meters deep.

At the same time, for sailors with electric motors like us, this means constantly being afraid of not getting far enough - But thanks to the FLINsail, this was gone that summer. At times we were able to motor for eight hours in one day without our battery showing below 50%. Also in the harbor this year we had some advantages over the non-FLIN owners. Because the electricity in Marstal, which was supposed to come from the blue boxes, did not work. We still remember exactly how an angry sailor next to our boat yelled at the harbor master and then asked us if we had electricity.

In response, another man watching the spectacle pointed to our FLINsail and laughed, "Yeah, I think THEY have power." Thus we could sit back while the others did not know how to feed their consumers.

The eight-hour trip back from Marstal to Kiel also went smoothly for us, despite the calm. The e-motor whirred quietly while we enjoyed the sun. Thanks to the FLINsail, we were able to cover the 35 nautical miles without any problems at marching speed. An all-around successful vacation without the so-called range anxiety.