Solar module for the pushpit on boats and yachts

The FLINpole+can be attached to the pushpit or to an equipment carrier via the pre-mounted clamps. With the help of the lines and the integrated clamp, the solar module can be aligned as desired, making it particularly efficient. In addition, the back of the bifacial solar panel captures light reflected from the water and deck. 

Because it can be oriented and used on both sides, the solar panel is used extremely efficiently, providing a significant energy output even with a small solar area. Due to the lightweight and very rigid construction, the system is extremely wind stable. The FLINpole+ is the perfect solution for permanent battery charging.


Aligning the module in perfect angle

Decisive for the maximum output of a solar module is its orientation at the perfect angle to the sun's rays.

Test it yourself: Drag and drop the panel in the model, or click on one of the alignment points.



Bifacial Solar panel

The bifacial solar panel can capture sunlight with both the front and back sides and convert it into electrical energy. The light reflected from the water and deck can generate up to 20% more energy than a conventional solar panel.

Alignable to the sun

The solar module of the FLINpole+ can be aligned to the sun as desired. By operating at the optimum angle to the sun's rays, up to 50% more energy can be harvested over the course of a day.

FLINpole+  50W+

  • Performance
50 W+
  • Average daily yield
300 Wh
  • Dimensions
54 cm x 59 cm x 115 cm
  • Weight
2 kg
  • Max. Windspeed    
30 kn


The technical details of the FLINpole+ can be found in the data sheet. Depending on the energy demand, several FLINpole+ can also be combined. To select the appropriate charge controller, refer to the charge controller compatibility table.

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