Can I use the FLINsail while sailing?

During sailing, the FLINsail is stowed in the FLIN bag and stored in a suitable place, e.g. below deck. In a calm or at an anchorage, the FLINsail is set above the furled mainsail.

Do the mast sliders of the mainsail have to be unthreaded to set the FLINsail?

No. The FLIN mast sliders can be inserted into the mast groove above the mainsail. If your mast is equipped with a T-rail, we supply matching mast sliders to put on. See mast systems.

How many FLINsail variants are there?

The FLINsail is available in the following six variants:

2M-FLINsail 174 W light

2M-FLINsail 174 W tough

3M-FLINsail 261 W

4M-FLINsail 348 W

5M-FLINsail 435 W

6M-FLINsail 522 W

What is the difference between the 2M-FLINsail light and tough?

In the light version, there is no reinforcement with plates behind the module. It is therefore somewhat cheaper and also very light. If the FLINsail is to be used in strong winds, we recommend the 2M-FLINsail tough. 

In the FLINsails with three or more modules, the upper and lower solar modules are stiffened.

How do I store the FLINsail?

The FLINsail is stored protected in the handy FLIN bag. The bag has been designed not only to facilitate assembly and disassembly, but also to protect the solar system from light external influences through padding and reinforcement.

The FLINsail can be stored in the FLIN bag below deck or in a back box.

Do I need a charge controller to use the FLINsail?

Yes, a charge controller and a suitable connector to the FLINsail are required. If you have a suitable charge controller and interface, you can connect your FLINsail

We will be happy to advise you and offer a charge controller and a plug-in connector for your FLINsail.

What can a deck implementation look like?

The FLINsail is a plug & play system. Therefore, in order to use the FLINsail, no constructive changes have to be made to the sailing yacht. If it is used, the cables can be laid flying through the companionway or a hatch. Alternatively, a fixed socket at the base of the mast can be used as a deck grommet.

Can I use the FLINsail on mast systems with furling mainsail?

Most mast profiles that are designed for a furling mainsail have a second mast groove in which the FLINsail can be placed.


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