Customer Experience - FLINsail

We have already experienced a lot with the FLINsail. Tell us your experiences and stories too.

King of Lions goes all electric

On board the King of Lions, everything runs electrically, apart from the propulsion engine and the generator, which of course run on diesel.
The cooker, washing machine, watermaker, fridge and freezer and a few other appliances consume high amounts either cumulatively or on demand.

To meet this demand, I rely on solar and wind energy in addition to the generator.
The three modules from FLINsails, which deliver 300 watts, are the top performers when the weather is right!
After setting them up two or three times, you have enough practice to pull the modules up the mast in 10-15 minutes and produce your electricity after optimal alignment to the sun. I live on board the King of Lions and, apart from diesel, I am independent and self-sufficient. I don't want to and won't do without FLINsails any more.


On the Balena washing is done with solar energy

As "liveaboards" on a sailing ship, we naturally sail a lot. Currently we are sailing through the Norwegian fjords. But every Friday is "boat cleaning day" for us. Today it was time to do the laundry again. We have a 3kg wall-mounted washing machine from Asia, which is designed for small one-room flats, but is used a lot on sailing boats and campers. We are very happy with the machine, it washes quietly and uses little electricity and water. For a 60° wash cycle it needs 520 Wh and about 20 litres of water. Today is a sunny day, ideal for drying clothes. We are well anchored on a skerry. At noon we put up the solar sail from FLIN to generate electricity for washing. Now we have washed two drums, and also cooked pasta - but already at 4 pm we have more power in the batteries than at noon.

Thanks to the FLINsail, we are truly independent and can live wherever we want.


Olga runs refrigerator on solar energy

The main power consumer on board is definitely the refrigerator. The compressor draws a current of about 5 amps and ticks relatively often. Especially on hot days at anchor, when we really needed the fridge, it stayed off to save the battery.

Now we have the FLINsail, which supplies us with energy throughout the day. If the panels are aligned correctly, our 2M-FLINsail also delivers charging currents of up to 10 amps in the morning and evening.

We have even developed a certain ambition, as you can look at how much energy the FLINsail generates via an app. So we always find the perfect alignment with the sun. All in all, a very successful product that especially facilitates anchoring and thus ensures the enjoyment of cool drinks, among other things.


Mina travels electrically from Marstal to Kiel

Going sailing in summer in the northern climes doesn't always mean good weather. But we remember the perfect summer in 2019 with lots of sun, little wind and visibility into the water that reached up to eight metres deep.

At the same time, for sailors with electric motors like us, this means constantly being afraid of not getting far enough - But thanks to the FLINsail, this was gone that summer. At times, we were able to motor for eight hours in one day without our battery showing below 50%. This year we also had some advantages in the harbour compared to non-FLIN owners. The electricity in Marstal, which was supposed to come from the blue boxes, did not work. We still remember how an angry sailor next to our boat shouted at the harbour master and asked us if we had electricity.

Another man watching the spectacle pointed at our FLINsail and laughed: "Yes, I think THEY have electricity". So we could sit back while the others didn't know how to feed their consumers.

The eight-hour tour back from Marstal to Kiel also went smoothly for us, despite the calm. The e-motor whirred quietly while we enjoyed the sun. Thanks to the FLINsail, we were able to cover the 35 nautical miles without any problems at sea. An all-round successful holiday without the so-called range anxiety.