The right charge controller

The choice of MPPT solar charge controller depends on your on-board voltage and the size of the FLINsail. We will be happy to offer you the suitable charge controller as well.

The MPPT solar charge controllers from Victron Energy and Genasun have very fast maximum power point tracking so that they fully exploit the performance of the FLINsail in all weather conditions.

Victron Energy SmartSolar

Victron Energy's charge controllers have a Bluetooth interface to monitor the FLINsail's charging power via smartphone. The app helps to find the optimal orientation of your FLINsail so that it delivers maximum power at any time of day.

Genasun GVB-8 MPPT

The Genasun charge controllers are boost converters that offer the possibility to increase the voltage of the FLINsails. They are used when charging a 24V battery with a 2M-FLINsail or a 48V battery with a 2M-FLINsail or 3M-FLINsail.